Why people love Mum & Career

We ran a market survey, and I absolutely loved reading all the responses. Thank you so much for your great responses. A lot of it confirmed what I was expecting, but there certainly were a few surprises too!

The results will shape our direction. Here’s a taster of what we found:

You, the respondents form a real mix of full-time and part-time working mums, mums running their own business and mums looking for a job.

Mum & Career brings info, but also recognition, motivation and inspiration

A lot of you mention it is a very good place to find practical advice and information. Mum & Career also helps you to feel less lonely, and keep going. As illustrated best by these quotes:

“It’s a great one-stop shop”

“It’s a website that is relevant to me as a woman and a mum, not just as a mum. It great to read about other women and their businesses/careers. I find it reassuring and supportive.”

“Articles written by real working mums who are also studying/changing careers are my favourite on the site. It helps me to feel motivated regarding changes being possible in my life.

Favourite parts are informational pages

You have told us your favourite parts on Mum & Career are exactly what we are here for: informational pages, coaching articles, ‘how to’ articles and real-life stories.

Info on family friendly companies is most missed

Yes you would like to see more on: family friendly companies to work for, finance and legal topics. Our current topics are also favourite and you would like more on those.

We will start adding on those topics in the near future. Getting a summary of research reports scored high too, which we will add in the mid to longer-term.

You asked for  ‘Advice from the experts’ 

New services you would most like to see are: advice from the experts and finding a peer-to-peer coach. Both scored very high and adding those will now be our priority. This really surprised me, as I thought people would prefer to chat with each other, rather than listen to an expert.

A few more services scored high, and we will be looking into offering those: CV-review services, personality profiling, an on-line programme for Return-to-Work coaching and ‘vetting’ of coaches, workshops and training programmes.

Jobs needed!

In addition you would like..jobs! I know, good quality flexible jobs are hard to find. We have no intention of becoming a job-board or recruiter, though. We love promoting and supporting the work of other organisations who offer this, such as Women Like Us, Ten-to-Two, Capability Jane and WorkingMums. We think they are doing a fabulous job that clearly is very much needed. More flexible recruiters/headhunters.

Help us build new info and services

Do let us know if you more ideas, are an expert in one of these areas, or know someone who might like to help setting it up. We welcome all support.

Volunteering with Mum & Career can be a great way to build new skills, and get ready for the job market.

Women entrepreneurs love to contribute as reaching out to our audience of working mums helps them build their business.


About Inge Woudstra

Founder of Mum & Career - Resources for life choices We offer free inspiration, support and information from women for women. We enjoy helping women to find a way of working and parenting that works for them.
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