Mum & Career inspires Richmond mums at cross roads

I am so happy! This week we organised a very successful, highly attended, Career Change and Re-training workshop, in the Petersham Hotel. The event focussed on the options available to professional working mums, trying to juggle family and career.

I find many highly educated mums feel it’s not easy to juggle a senior job with family demands. As a result they often opt-out all-together, which is a great loss to society and totally unnecessary. At the event we showed mums at a cross roads what their options are, how to find their passion and what it takes to re-train or start your own business. That variety of topics clearly worked well.

A stay-at-home-mum and former teacher who attended the session, said: ‘The event was very positive, practical and insightful. Very motivating. The life stories of the speakers were very inspiring’

A doctor, thinking about starting a professional cake business commented: ‘It’s great to connect with so many other mums in a similar situation, knowing it’s not just me that’s wrestling with issues on combining work and family’

A mum who has just been made redundant, after her request for part-time work commented: ‘Now I have lots of new ideas and feel really inspired. I know it really can be done’

All mums, as well as us speakers, went home feeling incredibly inspired, confident and motivated for our next steps.

Due to the high demand and overwhelming positive feed-back Mum & Career will be hosting more events like this in future. Just sign up to our Newsletter if you like to be kept up to date.


About Inge Woudstra

Founder of Mum & Career - Resources for life choices We offer free inspiration, support and information from women for women. We enjoy helping women to find a way of working and parenting that works for them.
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One Response to Mum & Career inspires Richmond mums at cross roads

  1. Hi Inge – the event sounds great – I will let my friends know – there are plenty of them keen to get back to work but don’t know how or what to do to fit around the school run.


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