Ask for what you want

If anyone would tell you you’d come to a conference with a top-investment banker, top editor, top-trader and top-networker from the City would you have thought these could all be women? They were all together for the Women In Business Superconference. It was truly inspirational to see these powerful women (and mums) together, serious about their career and sharing their tricks. Wow!

It was all organised by Jacqueline Frost and Christine Brown-Quinn. The first time I met Christine I was so impressed by her professional energy and way of managing a top-career and three children, that I blurted out ‘Oh..I’d so love to hear you speak!’

She explained she only speaks in events for female corporate groups, sharing her experiences as a working parent. So I suggested I might get in as a journalist. Next thing I knew I was invited to be the Twitter journalist and blogger for her next event. The Women in Business Superconference.

Most important lesson I learned? Ask for what you want! How easy is that?

The day itself was fun and had a high learning-content. Lots of tips and tricks about networking (by Will Kintish), negotiating (by Derek Arden), building your profile (by Vanessa Vallely), and confident presenting (by Sally Hindmarch). What made it really powerful was the special angle on women and how to make this work for you in an alpha male environment.

What I loved learning most is that it’s okay to be busy and juggling, it’s not about time-management at all, it’s about energy-management. If you get lots of energy out of being busy that’s fine. Especially as  everyone who depends on you (your child carer, husband, children) needs you to be happy and healthy, so YOU are the first and most important person to look after. How true is that?

Perhaps my favourite bit was the panel at the end, where a group of senior women was asked (by Eleanor Mills) to share what the crucial moment that shaped their career was. You will find some of the best stories on the CD from the panel. (For a link see below)

Something that Jacqueline Frost mentioned really stood out for me: Know what you need and DO it. Take a risk. You’re never gonna get anywhere if you are a shrinking violet. It’s so powerful, because it almost feels like it gives me a license to stop being so damned shy about my own needs. THIS is what I do. THIS is what I need. So I am just going to ask for it.

And if you don’t know what you need? Vanessa Vallely recommends to Google yourself and see what comes up. Is this who you would like to be? What would you like to come up in Google in 2 years time? That’s your vision.

And by the way…don’t bother with the domestic stuff, you have GOT to outsource, according to Lady Virginia Bottomley. Well, if she thinks it’s okay…

The WIB Super conference offers Mum & Career readers a special chance to order the CD from the panel. This recording is jam-packed full of over 60 minutes of powerful strategies and real-life stories. The first 50 who order get a FREE COPY (p&p £1.75)! Get your free copy here!



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