The Black Doubt

I was sent a great list of websites for working mothers, by Anne Williams (hypnotherapist – specialised in overcoming fear). As I started reviewing her list and adding the good ones to my site I was struck by an episode of The Black Doubt.

Somehow there seem to suddenly be loads of amazing sites and events for working mums. Each time I add one to my list of links on Mum & Career, my self confidence sinks a bit further. What if there are already enough good places to inspire and support working mums? What is my Unique Selling Point? Didn’t I actually start out to add something helpful for mums and if all areas have already been covered shouldn’t I just stop? Especially as no one will even find Mum & Career, as making sure the site is found by search engines is very hard work and if mums visit it they might not even find what they need. So why am I bothering in the first place?

It usually takes me a full day to recover, when first I tell myself that actually I probably do have a unique voice, as I am a unique person. Then I realise that most sites are made by one person, whereas Mum & Career is a community, a hub, bringing together all these great places and great people running them, so they will be much easier to find.

Only then do I start to realise there is no need for doubt, as it actually was my intention to make sure all these great places can be found. Mum & Career was only going to  add those things that aren’t covered by anyone else. Hence if there is this great site for mums out there, I should actually rejoice, be grateful to the founder, make a link and be happy for all mums out there they can now easily find this great resource too. After all, I didn’t start this to get rich or famous, I didn’t want to create it all myself, I just wanted to make life a little easier for other mums like me.

Amazing how black emotions like self doubt can make me forget my own intentions. I can also tell you I am not alone as Erica Douglas from  Become a Mumpreneur and Helen Lindop from Businessplusbaby blogged about it too – and I added them to my site as well. They also mention you should leave The Doubt in a box and not voice it as it doesn’t help you in any way. Other people like to think you know what you are doing. So just so you know: Mum & Career is making life easier for mums and covering this great need no one else was yet, of course.

If you are brave enough though, do tell me about your doubt…we are only human after all.


About Inge Woudstra

Founder of Mum & Career - Resources for life choices We offer free inspiration, support and information from women for women. We enjoy helping women to find a way of working and parenting that works for them.
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