Stepping out of my cave

This was an amazing week. You have to know that for months I have focussed on the content and technology of Mum & Career, mostly on my own, glued to my screen, battling with the basics of HTML and WordPress. Now, suddenly I have to get out in the open and tell people about it. It feels unnatural. I feel like a hermit, stepping out of my cave, blinking my eyes against the bright light outside. Ah, … other people, scary!

However it has all turned out to be fabulous. I somehow found the courage and coolly contacted one of the founders of a local website I had read about and suggested we’d meet. It was a wonderful meeting, we both enjoyed sharing how we had started, shared some insights, and agreed to do some things together. We will write something for each other’s sites, and organise a coffee morning on ‘Going back to work’. I can certainly recommend you go and check out their site, For Sanity’s Sake – a friendly, heart-warming site for mums of babies and pre-schoolers in Twickenham. It offers a weekly agenda of what to do with your little one, and just lots of useful stuff. And, just in case you are not in Twickenham, they are also looking for volunteer interested in rolling out the same concept in their own area!

Next I went to a networking event, which a friend recommended: Cappuccino connections by the Athena Network. Before I went I checked out some of the ‘most useful networking’ -tips I had read recently – easy to find as by way of market research for my site I have signed up to a number of Newsletters for working mums – and learned it would be good to go armed with a specific question. Then I tried to relax and..went.

It was amazing. There were about 20 ladies there, ranging in age and background, and about half of them were mums. All of them, though, were wonderfully interested, supportive and enthusiastic. After an hour and a half I came away buzzing with ideas and excitement, and… a number of e-mail addresses of women who had agreed to write something for me too!

I have never, ever been to a networking event that has been such a pleasure, and has given me so much to follow up on. This is more fun than parties! Not sure if it’s women, Athena…or perhaps just me being able to engage with people about my favourite topic: women at work.


About Inge Woudstra

Founder of Mum & Career - Resources for life choices We offer free inspiration, support and information from women for women. We enjoy helping women to find a way of working and parenting that works for them.
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