My first blog

This really is my first blog. Me, writing about me. Each time I tell people about my new, fabulous (ahem…well, someone’s got to believe in me) site, and they have had a look, they ask me why I am not blogging myself.

So here I am, giving it a try. I imagine my blogs could chronicle my journey. Starting at the launch of my site 2 weeks ago. This is when I invited 20 mummy-friends to come and have a look. Now I am gathering their feed-back. This was initially rather scary as no one seemed to respond. Now, 2 weeks later, it is mostly giving me hope. Everyone tells me it looks very professional and contains lots of interesting stuff. Mostly people seems positively surprised at the quality and amount of content on offer. Actually some feed-back is even better than that, as some people spark new ideas, leave a comment or send me a good article, which is amazingly helpful.

Next step is to start inviting more people! This may sound easy, but my actions are slightly delayed by doubts on the content and functionality. Can I really launch without a good newsletter? And what about more social interaction opportunities? I even went to a workshop on Social Marketing Strategy to find out whether I need to be on Linked-In, Twitter and Facebook before I launch. All these doubts…

My firmer self, however, has consulted with my inner self. The message is clear: it’s time to step out of my convent and go out into the world. If I continue into content and functionality I will forget how to interact with people! It’s good enough for now, and I can take it step by step. Adding good bits as I go. Scary…but, here I go!


About Inge Woudstra

Founder of Mum & Career - Resources for life choices We offer free inspiration, support and information from women for women. We enjoy helping women to find a way of working and parenting that works for them.
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